IBA World Life Sciences Conference

March 22, 2013

This conference is uniquely positioned to focus on the critical legal issues facing the life sciences industries. The law – and especially IP, business law, and regulatory matters – crosses over the complex science and technological borders which define these industries and provides a background for in-depth analysis of the emerging issues and trends. Armed with the insights of industry CEO’s, Business Development Executives, Financial Advisors, General Counsel, and Private Practitioners,  this unique event will take a hard look at where the industry will be in five and ten years

Session topics include:

  • 5/10 trend panel – what are the emerging life sciences business models and what will they look like in five years and ten years?
  • Government loans and grants: new business models for solving the early stage funding gap
  • Open session with law enforcement officials from member countries of the OECD WGB
  • Medical IT: government regulation or mandate? Is it patentable?
  • Tech transfer tactics: valuation and licensing strategies for R&D institutions and universities
  • Litigating for fun and profit – how are damages calculated and where are we with the entire market value rule?
  • Post grant review – new strategies for using patent office administrative procedures to challenge the validity of newly issued patents
  • Not ready for prime time? Where is the stem cell industry?
  • Biotech from a global perspective: so what’s patentable and what’s not?
  • EU unified patent court: the future of patent litigation in Europe
  • How to manage complex global patent litigation

Who should attend?

All those working, or with an interest, in IP, business law, tech transfer, and regulatory matters relating to the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, medical device and medical IT industries.